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Alex Arredondo

Triumphant Financial

Licensed Agent

Hi, my name is Alex. I am an Air Force Academy graduate with a degree in psychology and a former pilot that has a lot of ambition and drive to work hard now to make a better future for myself and my family. I grew up in Texas and since getting out of the military have settled down in Missouri. Between my fiancee and I we have 5 daughters- which means we have a chaotic schedule of work, sports, Girl Scouts, family time, and the rare date nights with my fiancee.


What I enjoy most about Involve Financial is the close family and friends we have here. Everyone really wants to see everyone else be successful. When I’m not working you can find me spending time with family and friends.  I enjoy fishing, video games, wood working, and, when I was in Colorado, snowboarding in the Rockies. I also can’t resist a great scary movie night!

After getting out of the Air Force in 2017, I worked for an IT service company for a bit as an IT Service Manager. I got tired of working and making money for a boss that didn’t care about us. I was paid salary and even though I had the comfort knowing my pay wouldn’t ever go down, I also never made a penny more for all the extra hard work and time I put into making the service department run optimally. I always prided myself on striving to perfect my craft and responsibilities, so I would inevitably pour my heart and soul into my job even to the detriment of my health and family. If I was going to work that hard for someone else to make a lot of money then I was gonna do that for myself! 

Coming to Involve has allowed me to see the fruits of my hard work in the form of monetary commissions, bonuses, incentive trips, and also mentally. I have become a much happier person because of the people I work with and the freedom to invest in my future. I can absolutely work hard and get paid well while at the same time play hard with my family, friends, and co-workers. The sky's the limit and I am just getting started. I’m glad that I took a bet on myself because this career has opened up so many opportunities that you only hear about in the movies.


The three words that describe me the best are: 1. Determined 2. Empathetic, and 3. Caring.

Two things on my bucket list: 1. Go on a family trip to Disney World 2. Month long trip to Europe

Alex Arredondo
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