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Tyler Bluhm

Hi, I’m Tyler. I started with FHD in May of 2018 in Minnesota. Since then we have moved to Arkansas and finally back to Iowa where we are currently living. My wife, daughter, and I really enjoy small town life but always have an itch to get out and explore the world. Before FHD I was in a chemical factory doing 12 hour rotating shifts. Prior to that I did electrical work in residential homes. Completely different from what I do now. What I enjoy most about working here is the leadership, it's great. Personal development is definitely a high priority here and you have so many professionals to look up to and grow with.

When I’m not working you can find me in the woods hunting or out on a hike with some good friends! Right now I spend a lot of time remodeling our house.

Three words that describe me best are compassionate, friendly, and outdoorsy.

Two of my bucket list items include:

  1. Elk hunt.

  2. Owning our own acreage.

Tyler Bluhm
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