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Ian Dawson

Hi, I’m Ian. I grew up in Australia and moved to the States for University. I started with FHD in April 2016. My territory is Minnesota. I am married to my beautiful wife Sarah and we have two boys - Myles and Maverick. Before coming to work here I sold insurance for a competitor. What I enjoy most about working here is that you truly have no ceiling and what you make of this opportunity is yours to keep forever through residual income. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know some pretty outstanding people along the way. 

When I’m not working you can find me spending as much time with the fam as I can or doing anything active. 

Three words that best describe me are loyal, passionate, and ridiculous. 

Two of my bucket list items include:

  1. I want to have an entire room dedicated to shoes (almost entirely consisting of Jordans). The room will resemble what a Footlocker looks like. 

  2. Travel with the boys to every single NBA arena and watch a game, in one trip, over the span of 1-2 months. 

Fun fact - my spirit animal would be a Tiger. The Tiger is the master of its own domain. Possessing the spirit of the Tiger I find strength and willpower to overcome challenges in my life. Like the tiger, I am passionate and energetic. Tigers travel long distances, however they also spend much time resting and saving their energies, as do I.

Ian Dawson
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