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Robert Miller

Quantum Financial

Licensed Agent

My name is Robbie. I live in Ohio. I am a dedicated father to two little girls; Lilah and Adalie. They are my biggest motivators along with my beautiful fiancé. I love traveling and going on adventures with family and friends!

Before coming to FHD I was a counselor working with folks with developmental disabilities. I always enjoyed making an impact on the people I worked with and loved watching them accomplish things they thought to be impossible. I chose to join Family Heritage because it was in line with two major qualities I was looking for in a career, the first being paid what I am worth and second the ability to make an impact in the lives of others. Working with Family Heritage, I have so much more time to spend with my family. I am surrounded by winners who want others to win. I am challenged everyday to continue self development. I really enjoy the quality people, and the culture!

When I'm not working you can typically find me spending time with my family. Whether we stay at home or take the kids out for some fun. We all love to swim so if it's warm you can find us near water. We usually wrap the night up with a movie night and popcorn.

Robert Miller
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