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John Mahlmeister

Quantum Financial

Field Director

Hi, I’m John. I'm a husband to my wife Kayla and a proud father to my rainbow baby Lily and her 3 siblings in heaven. I am very ambitious and driven and have a huge heart. I work really hard to transcend and break the belief barriers I've previously set for myself and love helping others to do the same. I love sports and am super competitive.

Before beginning my career with Family Heritage, I was a counselor. And before that I was a manager at Aldi. This almost sounded too good to be true and I couldn't find anything to show me it wasn't true – so it was honestly a really easy decision for me to switch career tracks. Once I realized I just needed to bet on myself, I was all in and ready to double down on that bet!

There's so many things I enjoy about working with Transparent Financial but if I had to pick one it would probably be who I get to work with. Everyone is always willing to help in any way and is so inspiring and encouraging. This career has completely changed my family's financial situation. I have to grow in every area of my life to continue to grow in my career so I'm growing daily and probably most importantly this career has been a huge spark in re-igniting my faith and pulling me back towards God.

John Mahlmeister
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