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Hi, my name is Tyler! I live in Charles City, Iowa. I am 29 years old and have a beautiful wife and daughter. I love spending time outdoors camping, hunting and fishing! We enjoy traveling but a lot of our fun time is spent at water parks with our daughter!

Prior to my career at Involve, I was a residential electrician. My wife and I were also involved in flipping real estate! This career has given me the opportunity to make a big impact on my community while also having the financial freedom to do all the things we like to do outside of work as a family! I have made incredible friends that are all on the same path of personal development and goal achievement. Theres nothing better than doing life and work with the ones you truly care about. When I'm not working, you can find me in a tree stand or out on the ice- fishing!

Three words to describe myself: Independent, Resourceful, Caring.

 Two things on my bucket list: 1. Vacation in Hawaii  2. Go on an elk hunting trip







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