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Pinnacle Financial

Joey Davis

Licensed Agent

Hi, my name is Joey Davis. I live in Mitchell, SD and I love hiking, golfing and traveling. I also love spending time with my girlfriend and our kids. I DJ on the side and love throwing a party for anyone who loves to dance and have a good time. Before this, I was an inside salesman for T-Mobile for 10 years. I choose a career with Family Heritage because -- what is there not to like? Especially after watching the Career Overview video. I loved the opportunity to make residual income while being able to have a set schedule where I knew exactly what days I would be able to be with my family and spend more time with them.

This career has taught me to be a better man and better father. All of the training that goes into what we do has made me change the way I see life. If you go into this career and don’t have a little self reflection for areas of improvement, you are doing it wrong.

What I enjoy most about working with Transparent Financial is the positivity that everyone in the company has. Everybody wants to see you win. It’s such an amazing place to be when you know the leaders and even your peers are rooting for you, as you are for them.

Joey Davis
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