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Pinnacle Financial

Alexis Honey

Licensed Agent

Hi, my name is Alexis Honey. I am a Colorado Native that has a deep appreciation for the outdoors and truly wear the badge of being a mom, honorably, to two beautiful little boys with love and gratitude! Being a Navy Sailor, I’ve seen the world and my pride is deeply rooted in honor, courage and commitment. I make it my mission to brighten up a room with my tenacity and positivity. Determined to be guided by my dead level best, I strive to be 1% better every day. When I am not working, you can find me hanging out with my partner and sons at the beach making snake trails in the sand with driftwood from Lake Michigan.

Before coming to Family Heritage I was a stay at home mom after my active duty tour as a Combat Electrician working on communication systems and alarm circuits in the United States Navy in Sasebo, Japan on the USS Greenbay.

I did not choose a career with Family Heritage, it chose me. I had my interview with Tanner Frick, Regional Director, and his ability to speak homage to this being the best opportunity in the country, I knew that this was the last thing I’d ever do for work.

This career has changed my life and completely rewrote the story of what life I am capable of living. This opportunity has made my dreams tangible and I am accomplishing them each milestone I hit with this company. What I love most about this career is the fact that not only am I providing a product and service to families that could save their lives and take the pressure off of them financially so they can focus on the fight and not the funds but also create generational wealth for myself and my family.

Alexis Honey
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