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Hi, my name is Terrelle. I started my career in October of 2021. I currently reside in Eau Claire, WI with my beautiful wife McKyla and my one human kid Zayd Davis and two dog kids Fletcher and Nora. Before coming to Globe Life FHD, I was a Regional Manager for a hotel management company. We managed the big three (Hilton, Marriott, IHG). I opened, renovated, and managed hotels across the country. What I enjoy most about working here is being surrounded by like minded, driven, motivated people who enjoy helping others. When I’m not working you can find me traveling, hiking or on a golf course.

Three words that describe me best are optimistic, open-minded, and driven.

Two of my bucket list items are: 1. Build a house. 2. Vacation in Fiji.

Fun Fact - my spirit animal is a Honey Badger.

The Honey Badger is known for its strength, toughness, and fearlessness.

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