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Hi, I’m Kipp Kolm. I live in Blair, NE. I strive to glorify the Lord in everything I do. I’m married, with one toddler and two puppies. I am dedicated to my family and love all the joy they bring me every single day. I was born and raised in a small town. I love Nebraska football, hunting, and the outdoors. I love to work hard, but I love to play hard too.

Prior to coming to Involve Financial I was in the automotive industry selling Ford Trucks and accessories. I choose a career here because I don’t have to choose between having financial success or having purpose in my career. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and feel proud of the way I am able to help people every day. Here at Involve, I have a company behind me every day, enabling me to be a better man for my family and that has made a huge impact on my life. We might not meet at an office as a team, but through daily conference calls and coaching calls, I feel connected to the team.

​Three words to describe me: Passionate, Simple, Empathetic

2 things on my bucket list: 1. Take my family to Alaska for a month 2. Go on a Canadian moose hunt with my wife and family

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