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Zack Kreider

Involve Financial

Licensed Agent

My name is Zack. I live in Sioux City, Iowa. I’m 32 years old, a family man. I have a B.S in business administration. Outgoing and analytical by nature. I love talking to people and serving my fellow man. I am passionate about everything I do, I work hard and strive become a better man everyday.

I have worked in hospitality all my adult life, 17 years. I worked primarily in fine dining restaurants. I was the food and beverage manager at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Sioux City for seven years, in charge of 3 restaurants and 3 bars, managing over 150 direct reports. As I began to have a family that life became too encompassing. I transitioned to a GM position at a stand alone restaurant with only about 50 employees to manage.

I chose this career because l was burnt out from going above and beyond, putting in extra work and passion into my work and not being acknowledged and appreciated for it. The Hospitality world was taking my nights, weekends and holidays from my family. I had also felt as though I reached the glass ceiling in that field. FHD gave me an opportunity to break that ceiling with uncapped potential, no politics and a direct correlation between the work I put in and the success I had. It has given me the opportunity and stability to spend more time with my family. It’s not easy and I know I have a long way to go but I know without a shadow of doubt this is the best opportunity in America.

What I enjoy most about working with Family Heritage is the challenge.  I love the fact that I know that the more passion, and work I put into this career – the more potential I have for success. It’s nice to know that what I do can have a tremendous impact on the families I work with.

Zack Kreider
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