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Amanda Norris

Involve Financial

Hiring Coordinator

Hi, I’m Amanda. I am a wife and a girl mom. I spend my time with my family and loved ones, going on adventures both local and far from home. I am a creative person who enjoys home decorating, organizing, and renovating as well as crafting, writing, cooking & baking.

Before coming to work here, I was a personal trainer and nutrition coach. After having my first baby I decided I did not want to go back to a job where I had to be in a schedule that was not in my complete control that couldn't be flexible around my family. A friend of mine already worked with Transparent and was very happy with the work-life balance while having an infant as well. When a position popped up, I jumped on it!

When I’m not working, you can find me spending time with my family, traveling, exploring locally, crafting or working on the next home project.

This career has allowed me to be a present mom for my daughter, while still allowing me to grow and develop professionally, building confidence in myself as I balance being a stay-at-home working mom - I needed this!

Amanda Norris
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