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Ignite Financial

Field Director

Mario Romero

Hi, my name is Mario Romero. I was raised in Chicago, Illinois but I currently live in Oklahoma. I am a proud Latino, which instilled in me a family-first mentality. Prior to coming to work at Family Heritage, I worked in a clinical lab for 8 years.

I chose this career because here I am paid what I am worth. Whatever work you put into the job is equally returned. There is an opportunity for exponential growth in life and career. Since graduating from college, I don’t think I had picked up a book prior to starting with Family Heritage. This career has shown me the importance of personal growth and knowledge, and it has introduced me to other competitive and great individuals. It has allowed me to build a community - not only of like-minded coworkers but also to meet the rest of my city. It allows me to give back in my own way - I am a food-centric individual, so being able to provide food to people during work is incredibly fulfilling.

Three words I would use to describe myself are patient, genuine, and determined.

Mario Romero
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