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Ignite Financial

Field Director

Karina Hernandez

Hi, I’m Karina. I’m from Villa Rica, GA. People describe me as positive, tenacious and adventurous. I love to try new things, whether it be hiking to a beautiful skyline, traveling to a new town, or trying new foods. I’ve always been very athletic; I love soccer, volleyball, and lifting weights. My favorite animal is an emperor penguin and my favorite place is the beach.

Prior to coming to Transparent Financial, I was a stay at home mom working part-time as a server at a winery/restaurant. I chose this career because I wanted to help others. The training and support I’ve received have set me up for success in this company. Spending time with my family is very important to me and this career also allows me to have that perfect work-life balance. It also pushes me to do better, not only for myself, but others as well.

Two things on my bucket list include:

1.  Travel to Greece

2.  See the Northern Lights in Iceland

Karina Hernandez
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