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Dan Drohman

Licensed Agent

Avers Agency

Hi, my name is Dan. Before coming to FHD, I worked for about 20 years in retail management and 10 years of farm equipment dealership management. I chose this career shift because of the opportunity to help others in a meaningful way. I also enjoy the flexibility and control of work/life balance while being supported by a quality group with a quality product. This career has allowed me to truly enjoy other people in a less stressful environment while providing personal and financial growth. I love the fantastic leadership and positive culture in this agency.

I grew up on a hobby farm the son of a high school science teacher. Though I didn’t realize it then, I was given a great foundation for learning, hard work, dedication and dependability which has all helped to provide success over the years. I have a beautiful and loving wife, enjoy family, sports, hunting, live music and travel. Most of all, I enjoy other people and doing what I can to make their lives better.

When I'm not working you can find me outside in the yard, on the farm or watching sports.

Dan Drohman
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