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Cara Voepel

Licensed Agent

Avers Agency

Hi my name is Cara Voepel and I am from Hannibal, MO. I have six awesome kiddos (his, mine, ours, and adopted) and my hubby’s name is Adam. Adam and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary in 2024. I’m very family oriented and absolutely love adventures with Adam and our big rowdy crew. Summers and river time are our favorite, but deer camp and rifle season are a close second. In my downtime I enjoy reading devotions, listening to an uplifting podcast, or a good nap. It’s my life goal to impact every person I encounter positively. I believe Jesus took the cross for me to be able to love everyone, no matter what, and it’s my full intent.

Before coming to FHD I was the Sales Advisor at Curtis Creek, an independent senior living community. Prior to that I had a career in optical (tech/optician), dabbled a bit in therapy/counseling (office management), and earned extra income working nights and weekends in the local emergency room (admissions).

I chose a career with Family Heritage because the income met the impact. Hard work and a good attitude go a long way here and wont elsewhere. Honestly, I was unhappy with my previous career, answered a snazzy indeed posting, my Regional Director’s conviction was contagious and then I fell in love with our culture and mission.

This career has given me the inspiration to tighten my personal circle and expand my family’s horizon. It’s given me a clearer vision of my own true self and the tools for next level personal growth. It has sparked a flame of faith and put more thankfulness in my heart. It has made me incredibly uncomfortable, but changed my entire mindset on being uncomfortable. I get to be uncomfortable, I get to be challenged and grow every single day here.

Cara Voepel
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