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Hi, I'm Tyler! I currently live in Rolla, Missouri. I live for our lord and savior, my bride and our children. I love being around other people and being a servant to others is a big part of my life.

Prior to coming to Involve, I owned and operated an assisted living facility. Chosing a career with Involve was a no brainer because I had the same non-negotiables the company spoke about. I wanted to be around like minded people who shared similar values, morals and were a blast to be around and work with. This career has impacted my life in many ways- one being that I’m my own boss. I get freedom when I’ve personally earned it, and the best part- no ceiling on my earning potential. I no longer miss family functions, kids ball games nor do I miss family vacations. I am in charge of my future.

​When I’m not working you can find me spending time with my family and friends whether

we are watching a ball game, hunting, fishing or playing a round of golf.

​Three words to describe myself: Loyal, Assertive, Genuine

Two things on my bucket list: 1. Retire early 2. Create Generational Wealth

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